Husqvarna 2018 500 Series FS 520 20 Flat Saw

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Husqvarna 2018 500 Series FS 520 20 Flat Saw

Husqvarna 2018 500 Series FS 520 20 Flat Saw
Product Code: Series FS 520
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The Husqvarna FS 500 is a new series of small flat saws, with engine options from 13 to 24 hp. The small flat saws are developed with a strong focus on ergonomics and userfriendliness, featuring many innovative solutions thatmake the job easier. Their unique transmission makes themideal for more demanding jobs, despite their compact size.

• Patent-pending engine and bladeshaft mounting systemreduces overall vibration of the saw which producesbetter cutting performance and significantly reducesvibration at operator handles.
• Blade guard features a precision bearing hinge systemreducing wear and noise caused by vibration.
• Water spray system allows for easy maintenance andbetter water flow.
• The patented IntelliSeal™ bladeshaft system allows for aminimum of 250 maintenance-free hours and eliminatesdaily greasing of bearings.
• Patent-pending spring assist screw feed raise/lower systemsignificantly reduces the amount of force required by theoperator to raise and lower the saw. It also allowsoperator to raise and lower blade quickly and easily withmore control.
• Hydrostatic differential drive system eliminates drivegears from rear wheels reducing unnecessary rear wheelwear.
• Handles can be easily folded down for transportationand storage.
• Protective cage with integrated lift bale protects engine.
• Optional water tank is available for use when a constantwater supply is not available.
SKU     965150209
Manufacturer     Husqvarna
Blade Capacity (in.)     N/A
Arbor Size     1in.
Max. Depth of Cut     7-5/8in.

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